About Complex Geometries Video, plus interview with designer Clayton Evans

Light, easy to move designs with versatility in mind stay quite well defines the Complex Geometries aesthetic.
The collection “inspired by the culture of mobility, exploring the pragmatics and aesthetics of travel” has pieces
ranging from draped, dyed tees and dresses to scarfed-tops and hooded jackets. They’ve just recently put up
their SS09 collection up on their website, so you can check it out for yourself. Photos accompanied with a short
video by Jason Last featuring the soon-to-come collection shows off the springwear pretty damn well. With the
help of friendly Adam DeKeyser at CG, I was able to get some questions to the designer Clayton Evans about the
FW0809 collection, his latest SS09 collection and the direction of Complex Geometries.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the collection.

The theme for fall was “Sex of the Ancients”. To be honest, the title came first
and we TRIED to
figure out what it meant. So we pulled in all sorts of elements relating to sex and gender in the past.

There seemed to bit an element of bondage and "binding" along with
traditional Japanese costumesilhouettes;is this fair to say?

The binding and bondage elements are related to the sexual theme, in probably the most literal way.
The Japanese elements are more removed from their origin, referencing other styles that
reference Japanese silhouettes. Kind of like the game “Broken Telephone” where you whisper
something to the person next to you and they pass
it down the line until the final message has nothing to
do with the original.

It seems you've got a much larger collection this coming spring. How has the
process of making a collectionbecome more efficient over the last couple years?

Well, it definitely gets easier as the style because more and more defined. And having a great team helps
things to get done faster (and better and more creatively). We also reissued a dozen of the strongest unisex t-shirt
styles from previous collections.

Are there any prospects of CG expanding the line to include — to say, shoes, underwear or denim?
Shoes, yes. Very soon, we hope. That's always a problem when we come to the end of the collection and realize
that we just can't find the footwear that adds
the "write" [or right] punctuation to the statement. There's often denim
in the collection, but I don't think we'd ever do a “denim collection” per se. When we use denim, its for a specific reason,
not just to
fit into a defined market. And underwear, its possible. I'm more interested in the way people use their clothing
to communicate, and underwear doesn't really communicate much except
in intimate circumstances. If we were exploring
that kind of communication in
a collection, we'd try a few pieces, but not just as a way to pump up sales

There's a much-flattering juxtaposition between pieces the SS09 collection involving
fabrics,fits and color. What can you tell about the fabrics used?

We try to balance every element in a collection. So, for every smooth and shiny surface, we try to have
a soft and rumpled one to contrast. There are garment
dyed cotton jerseys, PU coated linens, washed
silks and shiny nylons.

Are there any traditions when it comes to the ethic of Complex Geometries design?
Lots of playing around. When we make a sample, we try it on every way we possibly can. Its that kind of experimentation
that leads to new ideas.

Is there anything you could tell us about the audience(s) you try to reach? Is there a person,
or persons, CG has in mind when designing?

No, not really. Diversity is what we aspire to.

How much direct response to you get about your clothing and designs from buyers? Have there been any notable
compliments and/or clues recently that what you're doing is "right" — "with-it," yet still forward?

Sales certainly are the most notable compliments. You know you're doing something right when fashionable consumers are still
excitedto buy the same styles season after season.
It was new enough to catch their attention and strong enough to maintain it.


730 said...

great music! i love the way you showed off the cg site, and that you lingered on those high black shorts in the ss09 collection w/the grayish scarf/shirt. looks so good. and now i'm really excited to know that they plan on doing shoes soon! i just can't say enough about how fantastic cg's clothes are - simple, comfortable, with an endless amount of ways to wear and combine a piece...what else could you ask for?

Lisa said...

thanks x.

you are way too kind.

fav. mags ( it is hard here in South Africa as we do not get many intl' ones...)..these are just some...

* paris Vogue.
* elle UK.
* I-D UK.
* italia Vogue.
* Harpers UK.
* New York Look
* and heaps of home decor ;)

have a wonderful weeeeeeeeekend!

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

Wow, that´s really interesting!
Thanks for showing it :)

Songy said...

well well well I love that white hooded tank top. They are all very versatile!

MRFASHION09 said...

those hoodies were so cool..love em

ryder said...

gender and sex in the past. interesting theme, lots of things to explore and i find the outcome a.k.a. outfits to look great. sales certanly show the success of campaign. wonder how prada would do this year with shoe sales. or was that a great marketing move? i wonder... love the contrast. its so impotrant that the fabric is right, of couse and the tayloring.

Laddie said...

Love this line! It will finally be on the west coast at shoplarousse.com in Feb. They have some other indie lines worth checking out too line Feral Childe and Mary Meyer.


mond said...

thanks for making a blogger and letting u sknow, laddie!
i'll keep an eye out on this store.

and ryder — all love