Where Sports Meets Fashion

The blatant sportswear influence in Miuccia Prada's Miu Miu FW0809 collection — color-blocked jumpsuits, long-sleeve netted onesies and track jackets worn with cone-shaped heels and bright skullcaps — made some mixed reactions amongst friends and peers in the "fashion community," but I knew Miuccia's athletic expression in the hardly wearable clothes would serve as inspiration to me and many others.

The influence in design and function of sport is actually quite pragmatic and refreshing, two elements I'd believe to be necessary for selling clothes at a time when 1) economy's in the dump and 2) retail sales are down, way down. And while maybe none of the aforementioned designers' collections are exactly
"wearable," looks from designers like Raf Simons sleek, slim silhouettes for men, Balenciaga's austere, architectural forms and Undercover's spacey, tailored outerwear could be, has been, styled in sporty fashion in magazines. The look is more than believable, it's a reality. A sexy one at that.

And thank be to independent designers like Romain Kremer and Louis Goldin who on their own have integrated the aesthetics of sport making the surreal sleek linebacker-chic a reality on the runway. In them lies fashion's actual optimism; their exploratory trips on what's possible and "impossible" makes dreams played out in editorials and from your closets onto the streets.

Maybe you buy this, maybe you don't, but this is the first set of three posts dedicated to you finding an inspiration, or at least appreciation, for what's sporty in fashion. On the next update, find store items — new, vintage, slightly pricey and those comparatively cheap — from a list of international shipping stores.

There's so much to look to!


Songy said...

Louis Goldin is looking pretty sexy indeed. This is a good intro to what's coming up.

Comparatively cheap sounds good too. Just like all my necklaces you saw are no more than 20 AUD each. Anything more precious than that won't be in that state as they are all wrapped in plastic covers or in cases. :)

I'm always amazed with your mag style photo layout. You must be working in that field. Am I right?

mond said...

i'll work harder on providing information on where to find good deals. main focus is getting those pieces that definitely won't be found anywhere else.

and you're so on — its rather what i study independently and for "scholastic" reasons, though. not really a "profession."
i aspire to practice design in print publications, though.

izzydore said...

does the raf simons dress have legs? or is it really a women's dress cut for men?

These are really out-there interpretations of sports+fashion. But very inspiring indeed.

Matt Rowley said...

great blog!

mond said...

the garment was styled as a "dress"
but i think it might be a sort of extra-long knit.
here's the piece on men.style.com:

Dreamer said...

i´ve just dicovered your blog!!!!
it´s amazing!!!!

kevin said...

i love that ID editorial (w/ the raf simons 'dress')

Lynn and Horst said...

yes men should wear more dresses