Store Spotlight: Ashtray (w/ Interview!)

ASHTRAY, a clothing store based in Orebro, Sweden, blends independent designers
with larger brands to get a electic and “rousing” collection. The store’s goal is to
“create a venue for people with a genuine interest in clothes,” which I believe they’ve
already accomplished.
ASHTRAY carries some of the latest, most praise-worthy collections from Swedish designers
and has aspirations of carrying more international brands in the seasons to come. If
shipping costs ever strained your thoughts on purchases from abroad, ASHTRAY offers
free shipping worldwide and is tax-free to EU customers. Unheard of if you ask me.

The team at ASHTRAY was cool enough to reply to a few questions via e-mail so be
sure to at least check ‘em out at ashtray.se.

How many people make the ASHTRAY family and how long has it been around?
We are four persons behind ASHTRAY. We started up with two when we started up the
store November 2007. Our online shop was released in February 2008.

What's been the most positive aspect of change at Ashtray since opening?
When we first opened up our online shop, the majority of our customers were from
Denmark and Sweden. Today, people from all over the world shop at ASHTRAY,
which is very positive.

Tell some thing about your customers.
While most of our customers are aware of designers’ background, some shop here
pretty much because they like to buy good-looking clothes. It is the shoppers who
are interested in knowing the "story" behind the clothes really inspire us.

Who in the fashion industry might you all find particularly inspiring?
There are a few names out there. Besides our labels, there are brands like BLESS,
Giuliano Fujiwara, Number Nine, Rick Owens, Damir Doma and Patrik Soderstam
(to name a few.)

Does the store have any projects in the work? Any parties or collaborations?
Yes, we’re working on some projects right now but we can’t reveal any details at
this stage. We’ve done collaboration with art galleries, agencies and some
designers in the past, which we hope to see more of in the future. The store is
just a small part of the ASHTRAY company.

Your store “editorial” shoot was executed pretty well. Tell us about that.
The editorial was a fun project that we did the last second with some of our
friends, actually. We plan to shoot some new photos soon, which will be up in December.

Are there any prospects of an ASHTRAY clothing line?

Are there any magazines you have placed around the store\?
We have Livraison mag and fanzines from Cederteg Publishing. There are also some
magazines in our ground store, which we unfortunately don’t display, online but we’ll
probably extend our magazine selection next season, online and in-store.

What new lines have you picked up? What’s coming in the future?
Our latest received designers lines are HEDERUS, The Local Firm and So Last Season.
We’re in fact the only retailer chosen to distribute So Last Season. In the future we hope
to offer more international designers.

And what's the most surprising place you've ever had to ship an item?
It was to Macau, which is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.
Macau is located 65 kilometers west of Hong Kong and is commonly known as
“Asia’s Las Vegas.” We had never heard of Macau before that, and had to “Google” it to get
to know where it was located.
The item shipped was an A Bug Collection tee, whose shipping costs matched the tee cost.
Not a good bargain for us, but it was a fun surprise to have a customer from Macau — a place
that we didn’t know existed.

photographer: emma arvida byström
stylist: ylva fred
make-up: fanny sandberg

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Stompface said...

Everything from Sweden is always ridiculously cool!
I am going there for sure.

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I like those lines and colours, definitely checking them out. :)

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Great! another place that I need to check out... Thanks dear! Lovely new week to you!

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I love everything from Sweden. They have such incredible style! Great interview :)

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I saw a lot of that big shirt with no pants look in Japan. Most definitely a difficult one to pull off!

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i love Henrik Vibskov clothes! looks so cool)

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i really like the shoes of the first picture on this entry.
Where i can buy? or what design it?. Thank you.

mond said...

ashtray styled the shoot with some friends. you may be able to ask them at info@ashtray.se.
is it the yellow docs?