VidFlip: 10 MEN, Issue 16

MONDBLOG VidFlip: 10 MEN, Issue 16 from Raymond Navarro on Vimeo.

10 Men improves issue by issue, keeping design and topics fresh and creative. The publication's updated their
web site to include TEN TV, a TEN blog, a showcase of all past covers and, of course, those nasty little rumours they drop. The
cover designs alter slightly about every year, which I like, because the magazine has been evolving, improving at a great pace.
The in-house writings are sometimes a little too much of that cheeky English humor for my friends and I (in America), and while
the all-Givenchy editorial is appropos, the all-Prada feature made the styling of the shoot TOO easy; we don't need to see what
we saw come off the runway again. We want you to refresh us with looks we might have not imagined. But, feature topics are what
you should be on top with if you wish to the happenings around modern menswear. I'll def be looking forward to issue 17,
my 10th issue, which has just begun to hit the shelves.


730 said...

agustin: what a cool name.
love the sand editorial.
yes! dubai! pretty sure it's legal to molest children there, and we could party on the north american "continent" of the man-made islands! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_(archipelago)

numerocuatro said...

love this mag!