VidFlip: Zoo Magazine #21

VidFlip: Zoo Magazine, #21 from Raymond Navarro on Vimeo.

This will be a memorable one.
The issue's so thick it jostled all over the place.

Wearing a dress from the Maison Martin Margiela Artisan collection, Alana Zimmerman
gasps at the state of fashion as people grasp on the fact there are certain things people can
and can't afford. Now feel the hangover, people.

Read about the "troubling" signs around the mens and womenswear shows in New York
from [again] The New York Times. Guy Trebay's detais in his diary on what he describes as the
"artifical urgency" and the recession's effects on New York Fashion Week here.


fabiolaa said...

lovee ash stymest
and this issue is soo good
love it!

ooh almost forgot
what's the background music??

mond said...

glad you dug it also.
the background music is watussi's "if all we had was love."

††† via trinh said...

UGhhaahhh osada!!!! i played it three times hahah.

mond said...

i don't know him much — osada. but i'm glad you liked em. there's one photo that's very funny to me. i haven't got to the accompanied article but maybe you'll come over and read it yourself. (:


always enjoy the flipping of pages everytime ~Thanks*

50two said...

wow i almost thought this was a trashy australian soft porn magazine of the same name for a moment.

but wow, this is awesome!!!