Meet a Model: Ashley Stymest
Vidflip: Vogue Hommes International

You're likely to know a thing or two about Ash Stymest of MODELS 1. Since in demand by Hedi Slimane himself, Stymest has quickly since then made rounds through big British mags: i-D, Dazed and Confused to Arena Homme Plus, Another Man; become cover star of Electric Youth!, Vogue Hommes Japan's premiere issue and was one of the first and few males to walk Balenciaga menswear down the runway of the SS09 show. Stymest comes in after the established edgy, tattooed, guy-you-might-know aesthetic worn down by the very-exposed Josh Beech and Cole Mohr. None of that takes away from the Brit's look or skill. I'd almost venture out to say Stymest does a thing or two better than Mohr or Beech but ultimately it's hard to compare any two models when the variables of photographers, creative directors and others on set are taken into consideration. I hate to even lump all these individuals in one post out of my respect for their work but it is undeniable that their appeal to the school-gate fetished menswear scene 10 MEN'S Claudia Croft claims has helped "[relegate] all other aesthetics to cheese-ball status" in the BOYS TO MEN article of issue 16.

More is left to be said about these lean, lanky, pale with the promise of youth look on today's runways. Croft claims these "skinny boys" with the "aching romance, unrequited lust and fumbling experience of a teenager" have got their days tallied because they lack "the one thing we all need right now": confidence. The world's muddled politicians, global economic instability in this "post-boom" era call a crave to something "tougher," "more resilient," and "more optimistic," claims Croft. It seems the 10 MEN's office has got a big hankering for the muscle-y men types that I've got nothing against, but what I do have is a problem with Croft's argument.

Call it confidence out of naïveté, but its still confidence. Part of Ash's charm, I believe, is the fact he's got a look that LOOKS like he's just been plucked out of southeast London. He skates, he bikes, he plays drums — tell me if that's doesn't carry the confidence of youth people would love to escape to.
Maybe I could relate to Ash better than Claudia Croft, therefore like him better, because of my own age and interests.. or maybe she’s more vexed by the "Bambi-eyed boys" donning swimwear as oppose to her "honed hunks" than I really know. But I do know that she’s really making it seem as if the 10 MEN mag crew are the ones you fear leering at you in the gym.

For now — check out the interview with model cohort Tyler Riggs at Pony Ryder, check out the Ash and Eliza Show Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 and enjoy this VidFlip of the premiere issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. It includes photography by Hedi Slimane, Sølve Sundsø, Daniel Sannwald, Nan Goldin, styling by Nicola Formichetti, Shun Watanable and work by many other talents that helped make the premiere issue a must-have. I was (so) lucky enough to get it as a birthday gift.

VidFlip: Vogue Hommes Japan, Issue 1 from Raymond Navarro on Vimeo.


k.n. said...

when you were talking about the industry needing a tougher, solid image given the current crises, i thought immediately of the sexy bearded yankee, will lewis? (not french like the occasionally bearded petitjean)

Matt Rowley said...

OOh I love this boy! well, it's not my favorite male model, but he's really cute!
Let's see the male models' revolution!

mond said...

ahhh. yeahhh..
croft maybe wants more petitjeans and andres velencosos.
and i really dig them. those are REAL models. definitely shouldn't be labeled as "male models."

ryder said...

im still not sure if i liked ash on the cover. editorial, yes. but cover... wanted to see someone more... im even afraid to say: mascular? he seems to fragile to me, but then again, japanese stories tell us its not all in the muscles. and yes, southeast London for sure... but who is eliza? and whats the deal with their "show"? is that a new trend, model twins, model couples?
but its always good to see someone you can relate to, that's why supreme was so high all this years. is aesthetic changeing? ash like, south london, tatooed boys in, and superomdels like girl comback. this is not something we have been seeing for the last 10 years.
glad to see the enire issue finally. i dint have a chance to see it compltely. how many shots are there with florian shoot by d hughes? just recognized one now.
say what you want but that floral editorial? big no.
daniel s. is photographer with a great future.

Cameron Dallas DuPre said...

song cred's?
youre my new fav.

mond said...

the song is credited at the end: yussuf jerusalem's "with you in mind." the dude's from france. his myspace is myspace.com/ridersofallah.

you're too nice, dood. x

mond said...

PONY: when i first got a glance of the cover, i honestly wasn't too impressed. i didn't even like the editorial much at first, either. its grown on me and seeing it in print-person, its a bit more impressive for some reason.

yeah, see — that's what i'm saying — the aesthetic has worn thin, but there's still some good work going on with it, i believe. refreshing work overall though. the slim kid look has toughened up somewhat since slimane brought it in back in late 1990s, but not muscled up. i think the japanese have it right; its not about the physical show.. or is it? it is MODELING. hmm. the new look will come but i still like ash.

eliza is his girlfriend. they're just doing their thing and all the attention is what bugs people mostly.

i think your theory on the supreme girls' success is totally on. i hear what girls are saying, and they're really digging the look. the aesthetic of models is always changing.. and it happens quickly in fashion time (half-year seasons.)

florian is about five of shots in that ed. have you not seened them. do you want them scanned? (;

i'm glad you mentioned daniel sannwald — i believe he'll be around for a while.

pony ryder, i nominated your blog for the IFB newsletterrrrr. x

steffi said...

no, its you style...

ELLE said...

ashley is the shit...and that vidflip idea is amazing!!!!

Fashion_Girl22 said...

Wow! Ash is definatly one of my favorite male models. Hedi Slimane always has the best crop of models. It's so sad that he's not a Dior anymore, but I guess it's great that we still have his potography.

izzydore said...

that editorial in vogue hommes japan is genius! love the haircut :D

Jasmine said...

Yeah that's true! Well I really like your blog! Very cool!! //Jas

Dreamer said...

I love your video. I can´t stop laughing.

Frederic said...



Great model! ^^

Dandy Golfo said...

oh the video is nice!

and the Ashley´s pics in EY! simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hah thing is, ashley thinks he is the best. He thinks he is all rock and roll but he used to wear a bear suit and did things in it when he worked at build-a-bear. He cant skate and has a horrible personality which means that most people from where he comes from loathe him. He's an idiot that cant spell or hold an intellectual conversation

R. A. N. said...

see, i don't care about what ash says or does unless he's personally offending me or a greater public. if he's modeling well, then i'll like it no matter what, anyway. i don't really care of if he can't skate or hold an intellectual conversation to your standards.. he's young anyway.. and he probably can't spell because he's dyslexic. it sounds like you've taken some personal offense from him, and if you did, then you should step up and well.. not be "anonymous" about it.

Anonymous said...

Haha im younger than him. Hes just horrible. Known for being a twat. His band isnt 50s either. Its just a bit pants. Nah hes met me and he knows what i think of him. Just thought id tell all you guys that he is literally just a pretty face

C said...

I love Ash Stymest,
him and Luke Worrall are my fav. models for sure :)
x thanks for the post