VidFlip: L'Officiel Hommes, Issue 12

While not totally new, I found L'Officiel's issue 12 to be relevant enough (and certainly good enough) to wrap up the sportswear theme. Most of the magazine comes shot and styled by former Jil Sander designer Milan Vukmirovic, with the exception of the Moto Cross editorial shot by Nick Clements. Some of the visuals tend to be more literal of the sport sense but all inspiring, nonetheless. Enjoy.


Songy said...

Sweet, definitely my kind of reading.

I just lurv your vidflips.

numerocuatro said...

i haven't been able to get a
hold of that issue.
loved #11 though.

happy holidays.

mond said...

thanks, SONGY. as always. [:

NUMERO — hope you enjoyed the vidflip.
i haven't seen any of #11 but i know #13 looks sooo good. and happy holidays to yourself, xox.

Michael Oats said...

muchas gracias por todos los comentarios! :)

xoxo ;-P


Cheers to more possibilities and opportunities...Merry Christmas dear MOND...Thanks for your friendship in this blogsphere ;)

kevin said...

this post and your other recent ones are really making me regret not going to the y-3 sample sale...

i like this issue but the current one is awful

mond said...

ooo, you should've definitely been there.
may have at least seen some cool stuff. but it wouldn't have had to been a priority, i guess.
there'll be other chances, though, for sure.

and really about the new l'officiel? i guess i only have ONE shot in mind when i think of the current issue.. and i approved.. i tend do that, though.. focus on a single page
i'll have to find where to look it over.

ryder said...

glad to see lyoka in the d and g ad. :) andrew smith is so cute. and i actaully loved that edit. the best. chat white, probably the most prefect body ever, but... seen enough. he seemed to be liked by milan. milan is someone i really admire, his career is truly impressive. quite similar to slimans, isnt it?

Journal D'un Shopper said...

I love This magazine. Very interesting

Dreamer said...