Peknov, pixelpark innovate a barcode in fashion for the information society

In a video interview at last month's Berlin Fashion Week, designer Bernadett Penkov and Petra Raddatz, the marketing director of the digital media corporation pixelpark, presented their "hardlinking technology" with the "so called QR-Barcode."

The barcode would grant access to stored information on any given item or product to interested consumers. It will provide information on the "point-of-interest," Raddatz explains, "the moment you see the outfit in front of you."
Designer Bernadett Penkov says the innovation is "interesting for buyers and also interesting in the shop." Imagine instantaneous lookbooks on your phone, video footage of the piece on a runway and even commentary from the designer on the article of clothing. As of now, Penkov provides clothing material and washing instruction information, as well as video of a model wearing the garment on Penkov's "microsite." 

Raddatz predicts the software that makes the information accessible will come installed on all mobile phones in the near future. 
Head to modabot.de to watch the video interview, a demonstration of the software in practice and further commentary on the link and direction of fashion and technology from Penkov and Raddatz. 

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