VidFlip: I.T POST #5

I.T. POST #5 from Raymond Navarro on Vimeo.

Nearly "3 years young," I.T Post is a gratis publication curated by photographer Kwannam Chu, helped put together with a team devoted to the power of print in aims to unite young and new talents and offer fashion followers something fresh and exclusive, tells Chu.

"My position [as curator] is more like a creative director/editor," says publisher of the We Could Grow Up Together. "What I try to do as a curator is create a platform for [individuals sharing] the same vision and aesthetics," he says. And I.T. comes through.

Issue #5 makes the most of its dimensions, making a pop page and after page. The opening and closing of the magazine have a series of cohesive graphic images and photos similar to ACNE Paper's introduction and ending but with art/photos solely from contributors. The details in variety, order, layout and even paper type create distinctive definition for I.T's identity and content.

The feature editorial photographed by Daniel Sannwald with 3-D art by Ralph Bonilla and stylings by Lotta Aspenberg is one of the more memorable editorials this year by far. You've seen "3-D art" in editorials for titles such as W, Purple and Self-Service for a while now, and somehow Evolution eclipses any recent attempt by the major titles with a slickly woven 30-page ed' that amounts to more than just its elements of photography and design.

Looks composed with Junya Watanabe, ACNE, Alexander McQueen pieces by stylist Yi Guo on Siri and Sofi, just as those by Ann Demuelemeester, Raf Simons, and N. Hollywood styled by Lotta Aspenberg in Evolution consistently relate a young, sophisticated, never-too-flashy or over-styled look.

First flip through the large-format, glossy, it's hard to ignore I.T's established connection with advertisers less seen in high profile, international magazines. Advertisements and inserts from Alexander McQueen, Tsumori Chisato, Commes des Garçons and Hysteric Glamour are woven seamlessly in and along with content, setting a new standard for both up and coming, and established publications. It's a less obvious, less intrusive placement than say American Vogue SAKS inserts, Man About Town's showcases plus interviews or Vogue Hommes Japan promos along the feature editorials.

All in all I.T Post comes recommended for any fashion reading devotee looking for something refreshing, unpretentious and far from the blitz of tired tactics used to keep and attract readers. It is also recommended for those who couldn't give fuck about the fashion, want something for the coffee table or something to get lost in just by looking. With little text, mostly blurbs, copy in I.T is used mostly for identification purposes, leaving all the bullshit out about what's "hot" and why. I.T serves the art up raw and harbors "a place where talents can be who they are", Chu says. So take it or leave it because after all — you couldn't pay a dime for it if you wanted to!

Global distribution coming soon; expect to pay by then. Clue word on the next issue: FANTASIA.

This post wouldn't be possible without the help of Samantha at Search and Smoke.


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glad this is up! looks n sounds great and i had missed flippin through it.


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there will be longer articles of mine in the 6th issue, out early september. but it means nothing for the illiterate i. they just want mags to scan the pics of dont they?

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