Shapes & Forms

From hats, belts, skirts and coats… Shoes, vests, pants...
and did you see those Louis Vuitton curved hairpieces?
Every piece of clothing has taken new and odd shapes this fall/winter season.
The truth is, the aspect in design for these striking, sometimes odd,
garments is always 'round; it’s just fun to focus on the scores of forms,
figures and silhouettes here and now.
And les’ not forget, one of the main forms for the fall was the “nude”
body itself. Bodysuits and comparable tight-figured silhouettes
ruled both the men and women’s runways for the current season.
You can’t not find a field to play in all the choices of sexy, playful,
exaggerative or structured forms all out there.


Songy said...

Are they really for your eyes only? I can see that dress no.4 is wearable but the rest is just too way out there, right?

mond said...

yeah, these forms are pretty bold and dramatic.
but i think with some confidence, anyone wearing the stuff could pull it off.

when people ask, "who would wear that?"
i try and not make it to surprising that i would, so why wouldn't others?

mond said...

SONGY: personally, i think you'd look great in a yohji hat!

MR style said...

if i could have all those clothes for guys i would !! by the way u should look at junn j work which is as amazin as giulano fujiwara


How are you dear?
I always admire the Fendi mens... Unfortunately not so much available in the US... Like Dior Homme, women can wear them... so fab!

Dapper Kid said...

Yohji all the way, I love his shapes and silhouettes!

Dinie said...

where do u get all those high resolution pics?! its soo intrestint to view all the collages on here.
great reads!

ryder said...

yohji hat is made for me! :) ... mond, you do the best photoshop work i have ever seen in blog roll -or whatever they call it!
and ur blog is so plesant for the eye!

Modelizer said...

Your graphics/typography/choice of images are really fantastic. I love the top image, fantastic find.

Personally the "shoe belt" shoe was a bit questionable, but I could overlook anything questionable by Sergio Rossi at this point since the boots are too good for words. Thanks for the comment <3

Jan said...

what a lush blog! love everything about it!