A fellow fashion follower expressed about the this year’s Maison Martin Margiela fall collection with two words and one grimaced face: “It’s ugly,” she said. And while you could argue it is… “ugly,” its disputable that this same ugliness is just the right ugly we need in fashion. The designs are conceptual, dramatic, unforgettable and undeniably fresh — is that not what makes most collections successful?

Designer Martin Margiela preps us with a vision we’d probably start getting used to now, so 15 years down the line we’re comfortable with idea of wigs on our shoulders, body conscious nude bodysuits and plastic-bag bathing suits, because it’ll probably take that long for the mainstream to get pick up the fashion concepts. Today’s ragged and unfinished works can find trail sources of inspiration to 80s Margiela collections; who knows, we might owe the inspiration behind body conscious, architecturally protective wear of the future to today’s Margiela collections.

This Monday marked the 20th anniversary of the Margiela house, started up by the then 31-year old, former Jean Paul Gaultier assistant, Belgian designer of the Antwerp 6 Martin Margiela — that doesn’t mean there’s any planned celebration, though. In fact, there’s been a lot of recent chatter about Margiela actually planning his leave of the house. The New York Times article, "Fashion's Invisible Man," delves into the elusive Mr. Margiela’s actual role at MMM and troubles with creative control.

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Songy said...

Does it mean we are not going to see all this crazy hazardous fashion anymore? That's disappointing. Their collections have always been a conversation starter. which direction they will take? that's the question isn't it?

MR style said...

i always love margiela for his obsession with anonymity ! totally surprisin !

mond said...

i actually am not too surprised at all; but that's from what i've known of him.

Thomas Edison said...

j'adore ! :D


adore Margiela...always will! I own one 'plastic garment bag'- jacket which I got at least 10 years ago... one day, I wish to frame it up! Thank you dear for this great post...& your passion for fashion! Hope to hear fm you again.

Paul Pincus said...


terrific weblog.

cheers ; )

harryshouldnotblog said...

I agree completely about what you said on Margiela. It's not pretty, but it's innovation is consistently inspiring. He thinks like no one else.

You write excellently.

Journal D'un Shopper said...

I love Margiela this season. Very strange and disturbing