Giving You Face

Accessories designer Solomon Chase and American artist David Toro have teamed up diversify the fahttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifces of all you know with their aptly titled project named “FACE.” The project seeks to explore temporary facial adornment as “practical accessories and self-expression,” say David and Solomon. The two seek to transform what they consider “the most important part of our outer selves” in ways not possible with “makeup or even cosmetic surgery,” say D&S.
Bindis with random patterns, images, smiley faces and even hair along with glow-in-the-dark eyebrows are unlike any collection of any sort. The appropriation of the bindi as a fashion accessory takes me back to the keffiyeh sometime last year, which was found politically controversial by some... (...mostly the same pundits who criticized Rachel Rayfor for wearing one in a Dunkin Donuts commercial.)
But if you want to take it there, what’s your take on the appropriation of cultural artifacts? I figure it's something like someone wearing a Television t-shirt and having never heard the band to some people, right?

To learn more about FACE, read an interview with Solomon Chase and David Toro at dazeddigital.com. Visit faceprojects to see more work from Chase and Toro.


ryder said...

u know, im very glad to see this post. it immediately caught my eye. it remindes me so much on supreme's show package that all i wanna do now is put a dot on my face.


730 said...

the reflectors are trippy...i want a pentagram! and a peace sign. and letters.

Dapper Kid said...

The adornments look very interesting. I think many people lack the confidence for such blatant adornment, although we all do it in some way or another. I would love to go raving with the reflector face!