At Ease: Designer, Label Sites with Webstores

Australian label Ksubi has made finding their threads a little easier when they opened up their onsite webstore this year. Find a collection of menswear, womenswear, sunglasses and more at ksubi.com. Their round-world availability provides a selection of seasonless clothes ranging from tank tops, denim jeans to parkas, dresses and jumpers.

Sorry to the folks outside of the States but Balenciaga's webstore is US-only. Accessories such as handbags, shoes and sunglasses are available direct from the Balenciaga house. The 60s-archive inspired sunglasses presented above come in six different colors, and aren't as pricey as I thought they'd be, no? See them all at balenciaga.com.

NYC menswear label THECAST recently opened up their own shop in the city after selling their clothing to a variety of stores around the globe for years. With slick pieces like leather jackets with removable sleeves, seersucker suits and denim jeans, the very wearable THECAST should propel the label to great notoriety in the independent NYC designer scene. Check out THECAST's current collection and previous collections at thecast.com.


numerocuatro said...

i've never heard from it before....
great stuff, i loved the plaid shirt.

karey m. said...

my god, this site is GORGEOUS! just lush and smart and gorgeous.

i will be back to drool way too much. {and also so i can reference your genius and pretend i'm cool.}

Leonides(postedandstamped) said...

Hey Mond!
thanks 4 your comment on my c-box, I answered you already there...
me too I've never heard of THE CAST..??

:D :D


Anonymous said...

i really want ya to be my baby's daddy.