Southern (Hemisphere) Streetwear

End of season sales are everywhere -- including the other side of the world. Stock some fall/winter clothes for this coming season or find pieces to mix in for your current season's wardrobe. The down under shops Mint and Pitbull Mansion carry a variety of Australian brands and labels you don't often find anywhere else; brands like: Of the Castle, Chronicles, Another Boy and more.

all prices in Australian dollars
Of the Castle metal tee $90
The Cassette Society Kimmy lips tee $69
Hussy Manhattan shirt $270 $162
Kornerd pocket striped tee $89

Chronicles of Never crinkle four eyes top $220
WhoAmEye rocker shirt $145
Trimapee tie me up shirt $220
Illionaire whirl dress $220


breathing said...

Hey Raymond, this is Christine (Rachel's friend). Your blog is amazing, esp. the collages. I'll link you from my site! Can't wait to see more from you in the future.

riz said...

I SECOND THAT. FANTASTIC blog, one of the few that spotlight desgners I care about - willhelm etc. can't wait to read more. I've linked you.